Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Getting Better.....

Mary-Kaylin is getting a little better each day. She is still having headaches, although they are at least resolved with medication now. Dr. Raja called Chi Chi yesterday and they talked for a long time. He does not want her to have headaches at all or to depend on medication to get through the day headache-free. He is talking about changing out her shunt to an "adjustable shunt" -- this would allow them to adjust it as needed to ensure that the fluid is not draining too slowly or too fast. It would also allow them to adjust it if they know she will be in a situation where there may be dramatic change in pressure, like on an airplane or in the mountains. He wants to watch and see how she does for a couple of weeks before making that decision. Of course this would mean another surgery so it can not be made lightly. Please continue to pray for healing for Mary-Kaylin, and for wisdom for the doctors, Chi Chi and PJ to know exactly what she needs.

Thank you!

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