Monday, April 13, 2009

Mary-Kaylin has had a great week. It began last Sunday with her meeting some of Memu's Little Rock friends who have been praying for her. At the Hedges we dyed Easter eggs, ate great food, hugged Ms. Lori and Ms. Patti who visited during the hospital stay and had a good time listening to Ms. Patti's plans for Mary-Kaylin's wedding! The wedding plans started when Memu suggested that MK could ride a horse at her wedding. Thankfully Ms. Patti stepped in and suggested a horse-drawn carriage instead. They had it planned in a matter of minutes!

Easter Sunday was an important day for Mary-Kaylin. She walked down front at church and let everyone know she is a Christian. She's been asking a lot of questions lately and we went to pray with Pastor Gary on Thursday. It was her first Sunday back in church and we will never forget it!

Please continue to pray for her. She is still having headaches that seem to come and go throughout the day. We should know better how the tumor is "behaving" after 2-3 MRI's. We pray it doesn't grow at all or goes away!


Mary-Kaylin with Ms. Patti

Back to School!!

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