Thursday, April 2, 2009

Clinic Visit

Mary-Kaylin feels great today! It's the first day she's felt this good since her surgery. She's not had headaches when sitting up or walking and has spent her day playing! e-Stem Elementary, get ready! MK will be back on Monday in time for Benchmark testing! Mary-Kaylin's visit to Children's Neuroscience Clinic went well today. TaTa, Daddy and I were there. Mary-Kaylin had several questions about her incisions, the "bump" on her head from the shunt and the discomfort the tube was causing as it crossed her chest (it lays just under her skin). Kelly, the NP, answered them all to MK's satisfaction. Because we had been to see Professor, the doctor had no new information to add. The shunt seems to be working well. Her brain has been so compressed against the inside of her skull for so long that the inside of the skull has impressions from her brain. As the hydrocephalus is relieved and she adjusts to the new pressure levels, Kelly said MK may not feel well for awhile. Kelly said, "She may have been set up for chronic headaches but we'll not know that for 6 months." Following the next 2-3 MRI's we will know more about the tumor's behavior and be able to make a plan of action for addressing it directly. Of course we want it to be gone! Her next MRI will be June 19. Our next step is to find her a neuro ophthalmologist due to the location of the tumor next to the visual relay. We have the names of two we are deciding between. Our support from friends, family, church and school is amazing! Thank you for everything! This little girl feels so loved and supported and so do we. Michele

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  1. We are so glad Mary-Kaylin is feeling great! We found your blog and were so inspired by her story. We hope you do not mind but we have a blog where we post prayer requests and we just did a post for Mary-Kaylin. We will continue to pray for these praises and good days!