Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Update 1: Mary-Kaylin is in ICU at Children's Hospital and will have surgery today at 4:00. A shunt will be inserted to drain the fluid off of her brain. The Dr.'s are unable to perform a biopsy because the tumor is in such a dangerous spot. I will post more information later tonight. Please pray for this sweet little girl.
Update 2: The surgery went well and was earlier than expected. She is resting in her room. The tumor is the size of a quarter and will have to be monitored to make sure it doesn't grow. Please continue to pray.

Update3: Mary-Kaylin is doing great!! She will have a cat scan today and then move out of ICU!! YAY!! Hopefully, she will go home this week. The tumor is in such a bad spot that all they can do is watch it. Please continue to pray.

Update 4: A friend who is a neuro radiologist at another hospital has looked at Mary Kaylin's MRI with another neurologist and is giving them more information, advice and second opinions. That has been very helpful and reassuring. The tumor seems to be a low grade II glioma. It's close to the brain stem/between 3rd and 4th ventricle area/in the endothalumus and a little into the mid brain area. THE GODD NEWS.....They are going home today! She has been moved to a regular room after a CT scan this morning showed the shunt was working properly and in place. Her pain is under control and she is getting to go to the restroom on her own. Her first meal request was for bacon, eggs, and fruit - what a great lunch! PLEASE CONTINUE TO PRAY FOR THIS SWEET LITTLE ANGEL!!!

Update 5:Mary-Kaylin is home. After a 4 hour nap, she has had an uncomfortable afternoon with headaches and upset stomach. They are scheduling an appt with Dr. Y at UAMS tomorrow to get another set of eyes on her. I'm sure tomorrow will be a great day!
When they got home Kirsten, the young lady who helps them with the horses, rode MK's horse to the house. MK fed Trigger an apple and loved on him. That made her very happy!
Please pray that the tumor doesn’t grow and that it remains a level 2.
Their neuro friend has said this is the type of tumor they hate the most. It’s near impossible to treat with surgery due to location and undefined boundaries and it doesn’t respond well to other treatments. We need it not to grow! We need it to go away! PLEASE CONTINUE TO PRAY!!

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