Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mary-Kaylin is a precious 8-year who was diagnosed last Friday with a brain tumor. It all happened very suddenly after she experienced some bad headaches last week, and her doctor sent her for a CT scan, then an MRI. The tumor is a "glioma" and is in the thalamus of her brain, a part of the brain that is almost impossible to reach, even for a biopsy. Gliomas are not curable, and our only hope is that it is a slow-growing tumor. She had surgery Saturday to put in a shunt to drain all the fluid off her brain. The doctors were amazed that she was able to function at all considering the amount of fluid and the location of the tumor.

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  1. Mary Katlin,
    I don't know you personally. I am a friend of Mrs. Bobbie Norman. She sent me your blog. After reading your blog, I can see that you are a smart, sweet, precious little girl who has been in a lot of pain. I want you to know that I am praying for you... and that God knows; God cares; and God answers prayer. As you lie in bed recouperating, just think about God and talk to Him as if He were your very best friend--because He really is. He will give you the relief you need; He will heal you from this terrible pain; He will help you and make you feel better, because He's the best friend you will ever have.
    One day, you'll be able to smile and say that this very painful time in your life gave you the strength and faith and hope that you needed to go forward. May God bless you and heal you, making the terrible headaches go away forever.
    Love, Mrs. Theressa Wesley
    Thursday Night, 3-26-09