Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Appointment with Professor

Our visit with Professor went very well. "No growth" was a wonderful to hear. "I've followed some cases like this for 30-40 years - no growth" was very encouraging hear!

I will never let her wear flip flops to another appointment with Professor. He said, "Why do you wear those? They are not safe!" Dianne, his nurse and wife, said, "Maybe she goes to beach!" I think they like her. He asked her if she was going to be a doctor. He told her it would be good if she "became doctor." Oh how she loves Professor!

Today we saw ACH ophthalmologist Dr. Corning. Before her 2nd surgery, she had grade 3 papilledema in her left eye and grade 1 papilledema in her right eye(there are 5 grades). When they discovered the papilledema is when they decided to perform the emergency revision. Today the papilledema was all but gone in her right eye and her left eye was much better. There should not be any permanent damage and her vision is 20/20! She has a follow up appointment next week to check the papilledema and do a visual field test. Dr. Corning said if the tumor was going to affect the vision, it would begin affecting her visual field first.

Things seem to settling down! We are enjoying VBS this week and looking forward to going to the "The River" (Hunt, TX) next week to spend the 4th with some dear friends. We asked the kids if they wanted to go to Disney World or the River and they chose the River. We are all ready to relax for a few days! Enjoy two of our favorite River pictures!

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  1. Please update how is Mary Kaylin doing? I hope everything is ok.