Friday, March 27, 2009


Meeting Professor Yasargil was such an honor and blessing at the same time. He gave us very encouraging news and, for the first time, with a pull-apart model of a brain, showed us exactly where the tumor is located. He described it as the size of the tip of his pinky, obstructing the aqueduct and in a "corner" that is on a visual relay station. Her visual field in the left eye is something we will need to watch. It's a low grade level II astrocytoma/glioma. Professor says there is little chance it will go to level III or IV. We will know more about its growth pattern after the 3 and 6 month MRI's. It's probably been growing for years given the calcifications on the brain - possibly from when she was an embryo. He said MK's surgeon, Dr. Ahmed, was a very good surgeon. He was not happy that there were signs of tape goo and markings on her from her hospital stay. In the pictures they are working on getting all of it off. He said (Imagine this with a thick swedish accent), "My teacher long ago taught me never leave color on a patient. They are not in circus!" It was so sweet to watch him and his protege, Dr Barr, work gently to get the markings off of her. He said, "Now kids will not have anything to say." If it needs treatment he would not use radiation or chemo but surgery. He says, "I see path I can get to it." He showed us on the model how he would access it. "You can live long life with this tumor," he said. As we were leaving he told Mary-Kaylin, "Now go ride horse." That made her smile real big! I'm not googling this thing anymore! I'm just going to call Professor's office if I have any questions. He said, "These doctors work from textbooks and textbooks are wrong!" The educator in me LOVED that statement! We pray that the tumor doesn't cause any problems for her in the future and doesn't grow, that the shunt continues to work and that doctors continue to provide excellent care and discernment during her life. Cousin Tricia and her "Coop Troop" sent a bouquet of fruit! Mary-Kaylin immediately filled up on strawberries!


  1. Wonderful News!!! I love Dr. Y's accent.

  2. God is so wonderful!!! Even though we don't know your family very well (except through stories from Yat & family)...we felt as though this was something happening to our own immediate family. We are so thankful for this news and will continue to keep you all in our prayers! Way to go, MK!!!

    Tracey, Jim & Ford Alderdice

  3. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. WONDERFUL answer to our prayers.

    Steve and Glena Tipton