Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Better Day Today

Wednesday, March 25th
From Chi Chi:
This has been a much better day than yesterday! Mary-Kaylin was hungry for turkey bacon and toast and is drinking well. She still isn't able to sit up or walk around for more than about 5 minutes but is comfortable when laying down. We are still waiting to make an appointment with Dr. Yasargil at UAMS to get a second opinion. Dr. Yasargil is internationally known and was honored as the Neurosurgeon of the Century in 1999 by the Journal of Neurosurgery. What a blessing to live in Little Rock! I have officially warded off googling anymore until we see him, know more and have a plan of action for the tumor.
For the first time MK has asked, "Where is the brain tumor in my brain?" She is starting to ask more and more questions. She's in good spirits!

Uncle Dan Dan drew MK one of his famous caricatures--a Bowen family favorite!!

Mary-Kaylin at age 2. One of our favorite photos.


  1. She is such a precious ANGEL!! Chi Chi, my dad said load up the horse trailor and head to BAR 6 Ranch!! Love you all!!

  2. Love the picture of Mary-Kaylin when she was two. That was when her favorite color was "peemp". She wanted everything to be peemp!